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Making the Decision

Are you ready to Outsource?
Top reasons for outsourcing.
My reasons to outsource.
Cost-reduction expectations.
Fundamental Laws of Outsourcing.
Top 10 Technology Tasks to Outsource.
Selling offshore concept to your organization.
Top outsourcing risks.
Offshore Risks: Team and Personal Impacts.
Outsourcing Myths: cost advantage.
Outsourcing Impact on Technology Choice.
Pros and Cons of Outsourcing QA.
Top 10 Reasons NOT to Outsource.
The Darkest Side of Outsourcing.
Offshore Impact: Personnel Issues.
10 Myths of Offshore IT Outsourcing Revised.
Offshore, Nearshore, Right Shore, Best Shore… oh My.

Picking the Destination.

Offshore Vendor Selection: Choosing the Destination.
Pros & Cons of Outsourcing to India.
Pros and Cons of doing business in China.
Not Yet Ready for China.
S/W Development Outsourcing: China vs. India.
Offshore Destinations: Russia.
Pros & Cons of Outsourcing to Latin America.
Pros & Cons of Outsourcing to Canada.
Pros and Cons of Outsourcing to Brazil.
Pragmatic Outsourcing vs. Gartner.
oDesk: Freelancing Destinations.

Vendor Selection.

Top 5 Rules of Vendor Selection.
Generating a List of Prospect Vendors.
Offshore Vendor Selection: Criteria.
Offshore Vendor Selection: Basics.
Offshore Vendor Selection: Site Visits.
Top Emerging Companies in India IT-BPO.
Search for SWAT.

Engagement Structure.

Offshore Payment Models.
Offshore Model Selection: T&M vs. Fixed Bid.
Outsourcing Engagement Models.
Selecting Outsourcing Engagement Model.
Outsourcing Piecemeal – Out-tasking.

Offshore Negotiations.

Offshore Contract Basics.
Using Contracts to Mitigate Offshore Risks.
Negotiating a Fair Rate.
Offshore Developer Rates.
Researching Offshore Rates.
Offshore Negotiations and Rules of Haggling.
Offshore Negotiations: a Macro View.
Business Negotiations: Initial Discussions.
Negotiations – Basic Categorization.
10 Offshore Deal Showstoppers.
Basics of Win-win Negotiating.

Offshore Human Resources.

Offshore Interviews: Basics.
Interviewing Offshore Resources.
Offshore Interviews: Personality Aspect.
Offshore productivity: developers.
Outsourcing Myths: Turnover Ratio.
Dealing with Turnover.

Managing Engagement.

Protecting Data and IP when Outsourcing Offshore.
Non-hire Trap.
The Myth of the Onsite Coordinator.
Offshore Communication Strategy Basics.
Downfall Impact: Do you keep your current provider?
Perpetual Search vs. Status Quo.

Outsourcing L10N, G11N and i18n.

Using Agile with Offshore
10 Things you Don’t Want Offshore Vendor to Know
Using Freelancers: Pros and Cons. 
Notes from a Data Entry Gig.
Data Entry Gig: Execution Control.
Five Steps to Keeping your Business.
Twitter – a New Tool in my Offshoring Toolbox.
10 Annoying Things Freelancers Do to Destroy their Business.

Disposable Outsourcing.

Disposable Outsourcing.
Disposable Outsourcing: Caveat Emptor.
Steps towards Disposable Outsourcing.
Path toward Disposable Outsourcing: S/W Development.
Path toward Disposable Outsourcing: QA.

Comment s, Thoughts, Reactions.

Outsourcing Trends for ‘09.
Satyam Chairman Admits Huge Fraud.
Outsourcing in the Light of Bribe Payers Index.
‘08 – the Year of Predictions.
Still looking for ‘09 Predictions?
Mumbai Sad Nomination.
1 out 4 IT jobs moving offshore.
Gartner’s Top 30.
Mumbai terrorist attacks.
IT Outsourcing ‘09 Predictions.
IT outsourcing is exaggerated. Perspective on Offshore Risk Management.
IT Budgets Will Go Up Or Stay Flat For ‘09.
25 Random Things that Can Hurt You.
Japanese Car Invasion vs. Offshore Outsourcing.
Is Blog Format a Misfit for PO?
Slowing Down, no Intentions to Stop.

Common Sense Management

Offshore & Sexual Harassment.
Outsourcing and Email Etiquette.

Delivering Bad News.

Basics of Non-verbal Communications.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL Tips & Traps.
More Thoughts on ESL.
ESL Marvels

Frowns and Smiles.

ODC Hidden Fees.
Don’t Fall Asleep Behind the Wheel.
It’s not over till it’s over.
Idiot Savant.
It’s good to be king.
Food for thought.
Trading Places.
“Yes” to death Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.



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Book Shelf
Outsourcing Blogosphere

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