See the list of outsourcing blogs I was able to find sorted by Alexa US rating. The ratings as of end of October, 2011.

Site PR Alexa Global Alexa US Brief Description 9 2,493 1,101 is an online magazine dedicated to issues of business management. It provides
working professionals with the advice and insights they need to get ahead in
today’s workplace. 7 4,120 1,430 InformationWeek’s Outsourcing blog section provides news, analysis on IT trends and information
for information technology professionals and business managers. 6 26,249 2,504 ComputerWeekly’s blog section provides the latest IT/IT Management,
Technology and Outsourcing news. 4 234,080 2,704 Philwebservices is a Philippine-based outsourcing company that provides
end-to-end IT services to its local and international clients. Their blog
section gives the latest advice and tips from the experts on outsourcing,
search engine optimization, online marketing and web designing and hosting. 6 7,048 3,735 Provides
news about IT outsourcing. 4 8,579 3,909 CIO provides technology and business leaders with insight and analysis on
information technology trends and a keen understanding of IT’s role in achieving business goals. They also
provide news, best practices and tips about outsourcing including discussion
on vendor management, contract negotiation and service level agreements
neweconomist 6 157,033 7,616 Offshoring and Outsourcing section (bottom part of the page) 6 85,133 9,618 This blog contains comments and opinions on the latest in outsourcing and offshoring from the author and director of the National
Outsourcing Association. 7 23,699 14,956 IT Business Edge bloggers give up-to-date current technology headlines and
insights. 6 214,786 34,604 Global Services Media is a media platform for the global outsourcing industry.Their
IT Outsourcing section delivers news updates, strategies and best practices,
online features, interviews, case studies and analyst viewpoints regarding IT
Outsourcing. 3 360,736 43,648 The Outsource Blog contains the general discussion, news & views about
Outsourcing and Offshoring. This group is for
exchanging ideas, debating issues and collaborating with other industry
professionals. 3 175,116 53,544 Mani Malarvannan created this blog using some of the
good articles from Cybelink for everyone to learn
and share about outsourcing and globalization through blog posting. 4 598,192 87,041 Integreon’s blog section provides news and tips regarding outsourcing
and technology trends. 4 1,310,211 98,228 is a one stop portal for news related to IT Offshore outsourcing and BPO. 4 518,431 113,368 The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON)
blog section provides the latest posts, stories, experiences and commentaries
from industry experts and organizations and from outsourcing professionals. 4 730,683 141,720 Infinit-O was incorporated on September 15, 2005 to provide
opportunities for small and medium-sized companies to enjoy the benefits of
outsourcing. Its blog section provides the latest breaking news/views on
outsourcing and how it may effect
people around the world. 4 3,186,029 254,858 This blog provides research-driven insight that cuts to the core of topical, relevant
issues surrounding the delivery of business support services – the
increasingly complex world of sourcing strategy. 3 1,603,618 286,712’s OUTSOURCING HEADLINES category under their blog section provides online
discussions, trends and updates for or outsourcing sales leaders, ITO sales, BPO sales, Analysts, Advisors and outsourcing
consultants. 5 680,626 342,814 The Outsourcing Institute is a neutral outsourcing resource dedicated to
providing outsourcing information, outsourcing research and outsourcing
networking opportunities. 1 1,916,138 363,453 IT Outsourcing’s blog section provides all the help for IT Outsourcing – news,
tips, benefits, risks and a lot more. 4 1,248,399 429,616 HfS Research help enterprises make
complex decisions with their business process operations governance, IT
services, outsourcing and shared services strategies. Their blog section
provides insights, advices and benchmarking for the Global Business Services
Industry – BPO, HRO,
Outsourcing/IT Outsourcing to name a few. 2 1,152,146 684,979 Softheme blog contains updated articles covering the topics of
programming, website development, project management, software development
and offshore outsourcing solutions. 3 652,686 No
Regional Data
Fairway is a technology consulting and software development company. Its blog section
provides news, trends and tips about the best practices, advantages and risks
for choosing Onshore, Nearshore or Offshore
Technology Outsourcing (ITO) providers. 4 846,941 No
Regional Data
in 2005, provides practical advice for information technology
and process outsourcing. 5 1,129,797 No
Regional Data is a non-profit portal serving the interests of international companies
seeking business partners in Russia for outsourcing of software development
and providing the most accurate and up-to-date information about software
market. 4 1,503,015 No
Regional Data
This blog provides opinions, insights, news and resources regarding the best
practices for outsourcing. 5 1,546,415 No
Regional Data
China Business Success Stories helps visitors get that extra leverage doing
business in or with China, by sharing experiences, tips and tricks on Chinese
Business Culture specifically on outsourcing. 4 1,843,510 No
Regional Data
Outsourcing Leadership provides the latest news and trends on outsourcing, benchmarking
and shared services. 4 2,190,478 No
Regional Data
Outsourcing Buzz Blog is a forum for bringing perspectives on trends and best practices
in outsourcing. 3 2,663,018 No
Regional Data
360 Vendor Management is primarily focused on buyers trying to get the most out
of their vendor relationships without taking an all-or-nothing approach and
its aim is to discuss the fundamental basics of vendor management and
outsourcing. 1 3,244,446 No
Regional Data
Information Technology Outsourcing blog provides the real world information about best
practices in the area of Information Technology Outsourcing and management of
technology. 3 5,302,071 No
Regional Data
This blog provides headlines, newsletters, IT events and blogs about application development,
IT Infrastructure Management, IT Optimization, IT Outsourcing and other IT
related businesses/services.
nearshoreoutsourcing 4 5,872,688 No
Regional Data
Nearshore blog is mainly focused on providing latest news and
trends about outsourcing spanning around Central & Eastern European
cluster. It also investigates global trends with the view to keep readers
up-to-date on developments in IT industry arround
the globe.
offshoreoutsource 1 6,958,999 No
Regional Data
Offshoreoutsource provides information about outsourcing, custom software
development, software outsourcing and a lot more. 4 8,786,090 No
Regional Data
GSC aims to inform and educate its members on all aspects of
sustainable outsourcing processes, issues and trends 2 9,346,375 No
Regional Data
Knowledge Age is an organization of consultants, coaches, and trainers specialized in
the assessment, planning and implementation of IT project management related
solutions. They provide advices on IT Outsourcing, Insourcing,
Shared Services and Offshore Outsourcing, Outsourcing Management and Vendor
Management. 0 9,347,186 No
Regional Data
Independent Infrastructure appears to be a new site, but their blog section offers
Independent ideas and thoughts regarding new generation IT infrastructure services
– Management Consulting, IT In-Sourcing/Outsourcing and Service Management. 2 22,434,355 No
Regional Data
Started as exceptionally insightful and interesting blog it unfortunately went
dormant.  John’s experience includes
selling, running and managing a variety of outsourcing deals ranging from the
very small (less than $10m) to the very large (approx. $5bn). 3 No
Regional Data
ServiceOutsourcing2China is a management consulting and business development firm specialized in
offshore outsourcing to China projects. They advise companies on outsourcing
strategy, market entry, and formation of trusted international partnership. 3 No
Regional Data
Dean tracks the happenings in the IT outsourcing business in China from an
industry insider’s perspective. Dean’s blog is a great source of info on
trends that are often not commonly covered in other blogs / sources.
insideoutsource 3 No
Regional Data
Tom Hickman spent the last 15 years making, testing, selling, supporting and
using software and IT systems. His blog is all about the best practices,
observations and ideas about outsourcing, global teams and technology,
innovation, engineering leadership and global labor markets.
markhrobinson 3 No
Regional Data
This blog appears to be not up to date, but there are articles here that talks about outsourcing – advices, issues, thoughts
and tips. N/A No
Regional Data
This blog from Jason Aviet appears to be new, but could
be a great resource in understanding the elements of outsourcing/IT
Outsourcing. 2 No
Regional Data
Rémi Vespa created this blog to share his passion for the outsourcing industry, and its intricacy with the
global economy – mainly focusing on the challenges faced by small to mid-size
companies when outsourcing their Information Technology. 3 No
Regional Data
Steve Mezak’s Blog contains insights and comments on Global Outsourcing, Software Development and Offshoring.

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