Even though IT outsourcing nowadays is a common way of doing business it remains a complex task. Far too many things can go wrong at each step. It is a powerful tool, sometimes it’s the only tool you have at your disposal, the only tool that can give you desired savings, attract necessary skills, or close a large backlog of maintenance issues. Unfortunately, outsourcing is also a vOutsource It!ery complex tool that requires a lot of knowledge to operate. And thus far too often outsourcing projects fail to deliver promised savings. To change odds in your favor you need knowledge and to reading books about outsourcing is one of the sure ways of gaining that knowledge.

I read a large number of books about outsourcing, some of these books offer general approach to offshoring various activities, some concentrate on how to outsource software development, some offer insight on how to outsource your life. At the same time I could not find a simple down-to-earth outsourcing guide. A book that would take me through entire lifecycle of outsourcing from initial step – making the decision on whether to outsource, through vendor selection, negotiating a contract, managing distributed engagement, monitoring and metrics, all the way to termination of hopefully successful engagement.

That’s why I decided to write the book myself. “Outsource It! A No-Holds-Barred Look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Offshoring Tech Projects” is a step by step outsourcing guide. While most of the topics covered here apply to almost any outsourcing situation, this book is written primarily for technology professionals; it specifically caters to those working in small to medium-size companies or in the technology trenches of large organizations.

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Contents and Extracts

This book is currently in beta, so the contents and extracts will change as the book is developed.

  • Decide If, What, and How to Outsource
    • Make an Educated Decision
      • Get SMART: Defining Outsourcing Objectives
      • The Risks of Outsourcing
      • The Rewards of Outsourcing
      • Understanding the “small print”
      • Cost Savings: Expectations Versus Reality excerpt
      • Ability to Scale
      • Quality of Deliverables
    • Define—and Refine—Your Action Plan
      • What—and How Much— Should You Outsource?
      • Working Together: Finding the Right Outsourcing Model
      • A Sample Outsourcing Action Plan
    • Select the Right Sourcing Model
      • Multi-Sourcing: Tame the Risks by Diversifying
      • Micro-Sourcing: Outsourcing to Freelancers
      • Out-Tasking and Crowdsourcing
      • Outsourcing Your Life
      • Best-of-breed Sourcing Strategies
  • Find the Right Vendors
    • Start with a Broad Search
      • Golden Rules of Vendor Selection
      • Selecting the Destination excerpt
      • High-level Vendor Selection Criteria
      • Generating a List of Prospective Vendors
      • Detailed Vendor Selection Criteria
    • Move From a Long List to the Chosen Few
      • The RFI Process
      • The RFP Process
      • Evaluating Proposals
      • It’s PowerPoint Time
      • Watch out for Warning Signs
    • Choose the Right-Sized Vendor
      • The Large-Vendor Selection Process
      • The Small-Vendor Selection Process
      • The Individual Provider Selection Process
    • Find the Personality Magic
      • The Impact of Personality
      • Understanding Vendor Personality Types
      • Matching the Engagement to a Vendor’s Personality
      • Identifying the Personality of the Vendor
      • Managing Personality Differences
    • Finalize the Selection
      • On-site Visits
      • Technical due diligence
      • The X-Factor
      • The Final Decision
  • Negotiate Solid Contracts
    • Negotiate for Long-Term Success
      • Basics of Negotiations
      • The Forces that Influence the Outcome of Negotiation
      • Navigating the Negotiations Process
      • Negotiations Walk Through
      • Getting What You Need with Win-win Negotiations
    • Learn Contract and Rates Essentials
      • Offshore Contract Basics
      • Controlling the Total Cost of Outsourcing with Your Contract
      • The MSA Invisibility Cloak
      • Rates and Total Cost of Outsourcing
      • The Enigma of Rates
      • Researching Offshore Rates
      • Negotiating a Fair Rate
  • Lead Distributed Engagements
    • Control Your Engagement
      • Communicating with Your Offshore Team: Practical Matters
      • Communicating with Your Offshore Team: The Squishy Stuff
      • Managing Project Execution
      • Accepting Deliverables
      • Setting Up Metrics
      • Outsourcer’s Toolbox
    • Build and Lead Distributed Teams
      • Laying the Groundwork
      • Staffing Offshore Engagements
      • Choosing Candidates: The Personality Factor
      • Maintaining your team
      • Team Morale: Motivation and Rewards
    • Adjust Your Development Model to Fit Your Situation
      • Offshore Waterfalls
      • Agile Offshore
      • Outsourcing Quality Assurance
      • Outsourcing Code Development
      • “Black Box” Outsourcing
  • Keep Risks under Control
    • Mitigate the Risks of Your Engagements
      • Using Contracts to Mitigate Offshore Risks
      • Protecting Data and IP
      • Joint Responsibilities
      • Dealing with Internal Risks
      • Minimizing Team Impact Risks
    • Minimize the Cost of Failures
      • You are more dependent than you think
      • Benefits of Disposable Outsourcing
      • The Path toward Disposable Outsourcing
      • Intermediaries in Disposable Outsourcing
      • Moving towards disposable outsourcing in QA
      • The complacency trap
    • Maintain the Spirit of Partnership
      • Watching the Pulse of the Engagement excerpt
      • Investing in the Relationship
      • Fixing what’s broken
      • Terminating an Engagement
      • Closing Remarks

Buy the book from the publisher

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