My name is Nick Krymnick-krym, office 1-25-09 and I am a technology professional with over 25 years in IT industry.  I have been extremely fortunate in my professional career: working with great teams, dealing with real business challenges, solving tough issues, tackling cutting edge technologies, and generally having a lot of fun. Most of my career to date has been in start-up environments providing services and products to huge organizations, Fortune class companies, and consumers at large. That gave me a chance to wear many hats and learn almost every aspect of the IT industry. While I grew up to be a jack of all trades I did not want to end up a “master of none” and over past 10+ years I have been concentrating my energy on leading organizations developing software as a head of technology.

The reason I started this blog is to share my 15+ years of experience in IT outsourcing. My first offshoring experience goes back to ’92 when I decided to build my own team based out my motherland, Russia. Those were very turbulent times and my venture did not work out. I found myself predominantly on a buyer side using offshore resources from many countries in different models for variety of roles. I worked with offshore resources in on-shore, offshore and mixed models; with engineers from India, China, Russia and many other courtries; in ODC, BOT and classic augmentation models, on MIS, Product Development and Professional Services tasks… By no means I can say I’ve seen it all, I’ve just seen a lot. And if you think I could be of help to you as an outsourcing adviser let me know – email me  You do not need to have your checkbook ready, I do a plenty of work pro bono ;)

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10 thoughts on “Author

  1. Nick,

    I could provide you with data revealing what the Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities are, according to oDesk. Please send me an email or give me a call at 650-853-4149 so we can discuss what would be helpful to you.


  2. Nick:

    You have a great bog. I am also blogging on IT outsourcing. We should cross link our blogs. What do you think?


  3. Remi, thanks, I in turn took a look at you blog and found it very interesting. I added a link to it on my blogroll – not sure whether it institutes crosslinking ;) I am still new to blogosphere. Best, Nick

  4. Hi Nick,

    I was looking for an contact email on the blog, but don’t see one. I have a new managerial book out on offshoring (The Services Shift, Amazon: Would be happy to send you an inspection copy if you’re interested and might consider reviewing.

    If you email me an address, I’ll get a copy out. rekennedy@….edu. Take care.

  5. Very nice blog Nick, good luck with it, I’ve subscribed via Google Reader. I worked in project management and business development with a global provided of call centre solutions and hence have some experience of the industry.

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