5 Traps of So Called Cost Effective SEO

5-traps-of-cost-effective-seoIf being found on the web is essential for you or your business, you are probably no stranger to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO, an extremely complex and comprehensive set of activities, has become a major component of marketing strategies for most companies today, and a source of revenue for countless (offshore) SEO providers.

For most businesses SEO is not their core activity and that makes SEO a good prospect for outsourcing. Also many aspects of SEO are somewhat mechanical and labor intensive, so it’s no surprise that many companies elect to outsource SEO. With a large number of SEO providers out there the cost of it is alluringly low.

However, cheap outsourced SEO is not the brightest idea you can try; chances are you will “get what you paid for”, and often even less. Paying just a few hundreds of dollars per month for someone to handle your SEO efforts is likely to be a complete waste of money. As the common saying tells, if something sounds too good to be true, then it most probably is. Here are 5 potential traps to think about whenever you are assaulted with promises of boosting your Google rank overnight:

Link Building for Cheap? Be aware of Google’s Penalties!

One of the most common SEO techniques used today is link building. However, getting the right kind of link juice is not an easy matter, or, if it was, everyone would be doing it. Not all links are created equal. As matter of fact a single link from a high rating website could be worth more than 100s of links from unknown places. More so, a large volume of low quality links can be easily recognized by Google search algorithms and that can trigger severe ranking penalties. Your site will become almost impossible to find and your money… well, good luck in trying to get it back.

Cheap Content Creation? Remember the Emperor with no Clothes!

Content is the king of the web. As a matter of fact if you have superb, unique and sought for content you may need little or no SEO. You can’t expect content creators working for 2 dollars per hour to generate good quality content; more so, you may end up with a load of poorly written articles, filled with typos and grammar mistakes. And that kind of “king” will not help you; more so, it can damage your reputation.

Surprisingly low rates? Are you getting an ESL discount?

If you are outsourcing your SEO campaign to a company from a different country, a lot of mishaps can happen due to poor communication. Do not underestimate cultural differences and language barriers; not only they are natural, but they can also cause natural disasters. Different schedules, miscommunication and everything bad that can happen are major counter-arguments to so called cost effective outsourced SEO.

Hit the Ground Running or No Time for Getting to Know your Product or Company?

Low costs often mean low quality. But this is not all. When creating good SEO for a product or a brand, the ones in charge need to become intimately knowledgeable of the said product or brand. For a few hundreds of dollars, no one has the time or the motivation (or both) to do so. And without understanding your products and services, chances are the vendor can only generate useless traffic to your site.

Fast Results or just Hit and Run?

Paying little for SEO will not help you cultivate a long term relationship with a SEO company. Most likely, these people will just grab your money, do poor quality work and leave you to clean up the mess. Holding them accountable for results is really tricky, and with no long term goals in sight, this is most likely the outcome of hiring cheap outsourced SEO.

SEO is a very powerful tool, one that can make or break the success of a website, be it old or new, and as we discussed, outsourcing SEO is a great idea. But doing it by hiring cheap labor is almost never the right approach. Do you have a story that supports this point? Do you believe you found a way to do it at very low cost and yet avoid the pitfalls? Do you have your own ideas you’d like to share? Please comment or email me at krym2000-po@yahoo.com.

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