Let a VA Plan Your Next Vacation


For years I have been outsourcing technology tasks to offshore companies all over the world.   But it was only recently that I truly embraced the idea of out-tasking and started using Virtual Assistants. And now I am finding myself getting increasingly attached to using VAs to “outsource my life”.  I plan to write more about it and look at various aspects of using virtual assistants for mundane, laborious, and annoying tasks that may clatter your day and take your mind off important aspects of your personal and professional life.

Few things in life are better than going on a truly great vacation. You can spend time with those you love, in a beautiful and exciting place, as you and your family take a break from the many demands placed on us in our every day lives.   Of course we are talking about perfect vacation, not the one which ends up costing you too much, or the one which turns out so exhausting due to mishaps and issues that you need another vacation afterwards.  The key to avoiding that is good planning and it’s amazing how much time and efforts it takes to plan a vacation.

There are many different travel sites that promise to book you the best hotel for the best price, but how can you be sure if it really is the best deal available? And then you need to check out TripAdvisor, find the right tickets, and arrange for a taxi… And what if you want to drive around Europe for a couple weeks and stop in 10+ cities?  Where are all those locally owned travel agencies with beautiful brochures and smiling advisors!?  Oh, yeah – just another casualty of the Internet age.

This is where hiring a VA can help you tremendously.  Your VA can plan your vacation and given the focus and hopefully experience they can do it fast and possibly better than you would…

  • You could provide a VA with a list of possible destinations and dates and then put them to work. They could do extensive research to find you the best vacation deals available to travel to your dream destination. They can research airfare, hotels, activities, rental cars, etc.
  • Once you decide on a destination and the dates for your vacation, your VA could purchase your airline tickets, book your hotel, arrange the pick up/drop off of a rental car, and any of the other details that are necessary to accommodate you on your trip.
  • You can also have your VA research activities and even book them for you to make sure your trip is a lot of fun for everyone in your family.
  • Your VA can also check out reviews of local restaurants and send you on your trip with a list of great places to eat.
  • Your VA could also create detailed packing lists and travel itineraries so that when you are getting ready to go, you know exactly what you need to pack and exactly what time you need to be there.

Basically, a VA could spend all the time necessary to plan you the perfect vacation down to the most minor detail, and you just get to go and enjoy it! And I bet VA would cost you a lot less than hiring a travel agency even if you can find one.  What could be better than that?

An extra bonus here is that for this type of task it isn’t hard to find a decent VA.  You can do it via the Internet marketplaces such oDesk or Elance or if this is just one of the task you are planning to give to the new VA you can go with one of many VA companies such as www.zirtual.com.

Have you even used VA for planning your time off?  Was it a success? What do you think about hiring a VA to plan your next family’s vacation? Is this something you would consider? Why or why not? Please leave your comments below or send me an email to krym2000-po@yahoo.com.

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