Why Successful Businesses Outsource Content Creation

tax preparation serviceTwenty years ago I don’t think anyone could have really imagined everything that would be required today in order to have success in business. It is no longer just about providing great service or product and a solid sales team supported by traditional marketing. Any business today needs an online presence that goes far beyond a simple website.

You now need social media accounts, a blog, a broad range of SEO and SMO activities and artifacts, and so much more. Just learning it all can take up a tremendous amount of time, let alone, trying to actually find the time to put it all into practice. Blogging alone can easily keep a writer busy full time. And content that you need to produce is not just limited to blog posts.

Articles and various content elements used in SEO, website content, e-books, whitepapers, sales letters, auto-responders, …really just about anything your marketing team needs requires a lot of content. And not just a lot of content, but a lot of different types of content, that might require a diverse set of skills, tons of attention, and can cost you a lot of money…

That is where content outsourcing comes in:

  • A wide variety of content calls for a variety of contributors – research, blogging, copywriting, press releases, long-form sales letters, SEO-optimized content, etc. – you would be extremely lucky if you can hire someone who can do it all. Outsourcing allows you to bring in multiple content developers on a project basis, or on a part-time basis – sometimes as little as 1 hour a week.
  • Outsourcing enables you to look globally for the very best talent available. When you are no longer limited by geography, you can hire the very best person for the exact task you need. There are amazingly talented professionals from all over the world who could write a blog for your business that would be brilliant, witty and search engine optimized in nearly no time flat. To think of it, who would’ve thought that one of the most prominent and prolific US bloggers today would be a young woman who grew up in Bulgaria?
  • It is worth mentioning that outsourcing your content creation saves you a tremendous amount of money. I often repeat that when it comes to outsourcing the rate difference could be deceiving – a programmer who charges 3 times less can cost you twice as much. It’s not the case with content outsourcing. After you find the right person you are no longer constrained by the distance, overhead, and communication barriers. Location doesn’t matter much in this case.

I helped many of my clients to bring professionals from all over the world to assist them with their content creation. I have seen what it has done for their bottom line.  I saw them no longer bogged down by content creation needs, which freed up their time to focus on the projects that they are best at, giving a huge boost to the top line.

So I urge you to strongly consider where your time is best spent. Writing that weekly blog? Racking your brain about what to tweet next? Or working on the projects that keep you in business? ‘nough said.

What are your thoughts on content outsourcing? What content have you outsourced? And if you don’t outsource, why not? Leave your comments below or email me at krym2000-po@yahoo.com.

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