Finding freelancers simplified

How to find a freelancer? Where can I find a web developer? Is there a place where I can find graphical artists? Finding the answers to these questions is getting increasingly easier and more complex at the same time. It seems not so long ago the main channels for finding freelancers were the same as for finding new employees – job ads and networking – not any more. The main channels for reaching out to vast freelancing community are now online freelancing directories or freelancing marketplaces. Great sites like,, and many others taking over from and

Many of the directories enjoy a large community of freelancers and vendors of varies sizes, an impressive number of customers, and a huge volume of transactions. As a matter of fact the transaction volume for many of the marketplaces has been growing at exponential rate.  The stats are truly amazing. Needless to say such a lucrative business attract many players and inevitably creates a new challenge for both customers and providers – which marketplace to use? Which directory is better for finding freelance writers, which one is for graphical artists and where to find those illusive RoR developers?

A few years ago I created a list of 25 best places to find a freelancer, fairly soon the list grew to 50 some entries, and become notably less helpful. To make it a bit more useful I added Alexa rating and it worked for a while. However recently I got a few comments on quality of the list – it was missing some good sites, Alexa rating was dated, and so on. That called for updating the list and that what I just did with help of my virtual assistant Yesha from Cagyan de Oro City, Philippines. She did an outstanding job cleaning up the list verifying links and rating in just a few days. BTW, I found Yesha on oDesk, she was one 40+ people who bid on my project within a couple hours after I posted it.

Anyway, the list is now updated with new entries and ratings. I also formatted it slightly different – you will now see a list with “the best 25 places” that links to three other list—full list of sites sorted by the Site Name, the same list sorted by Alexa and the same list sorted by Alexa US ratings.

As usual, feel free to comment and suggest new entries. I will update the list in ~12 months from now.

2 thoughts on “Finding freelancers simplified

  1. And maybe the typical I’m currently building an outsourcing directory where I not only focus on showing the typical freelancer sites but also pay-as-you-go companies that are specialized in creating banners or newsletter templates for ex. I made good experience with specialized providers instead of contracting an individual freelancer or all those cold call people providing “everything”.
    Feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially from a long time “outsourcer” like you.

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