Outsourcing Your Life – the Scope of Outsourcing

A couple days ago on my way to NJ I bought an excellent book – The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Library Edition). 6 hour flight plus an hour of circling around NYC and a few more hours at corporate apartment were more than enough to digest this fairly small guide to a way of life distinctively different from mine and probably from the one most of people I know follow. Living life to its fullest without postponing it to some uncertain date that would likely never comes. The book was quite entertaining and even though chances are I will never live the lifestyle Timothy is promoting I found it exceptionally educational.

Well, there are a few, if not a lot of hidden traps in the methodology Timothy proposes. I bet the rate of success in following Tim’s footprints is quite low. As a matter of fact if I cared I could write a set of rebuttal articles on many of T propositions ;) What’s good in doing something like that though? I love T’s passion and with the best to those who try, I am sure with number of his readers in millions he’ll make 1000s happy NRs (Nouveau Riche / New Rich).

So, forget questionable suggestions and dubious propositions… There are plenty of great ideas in the book, most of them are time proven as they have been around for a very long time and even popularized by self-improvement industry giants such as Tony Robbins.

One of the areas close in topic of this blog is about outsourcing – outsourcing your life. While outsourcing one’s life is a very generic topic I decided to cover several aspects of it as they apply well to people in my line of work.

The idea is quite simple – using personal assistants to free up time for more meaningful activities. In particular virtual assistants (VAs). What you do with the time freed up by VA is 100% up to you, hopefully it more than pays for the money you pay to VA – either in hard cash or in quality of life.

So, what can be outsourced to VA? Well, almost anything that fits the following criteria:

  • The task can be done remotely / doesn’t require physical presence.
  • You can provide a definition of the tasks that doesn’t leave too much room for interpretation.
  • It takes (substantially) longer to do it than explain how to do it.
  • You can provide clear deliverable, timeframe and quality standards for the task execution.
  • The task doesn’t require unique skills / abilities / background.

I compiled a couple lists after reading few posts, blogs and article first one is about your professional life (see 25 Aspects of Professional Life to Outsource) and second about your personal life (10 Aspects of Personal Life to Outsource).

Also while reading posts / books and articles I came up with the list of tasks not to outsource despite the fact that those are highly recommended by other authors. The list is not complete. I will post it as soon as it’s ready.

One thought on “Outsourcing Your Life – the Scope of Outsourcing

  1. This post is quite different in personality and much lower in insight and writing quality than your other posts . I guess this was one you outsourced.

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