10 Aspects of Personal Life to Outsource

The list below covers a variety of personal tasks that could be reasonably easy outsourced to a Virtual Assistant.

1. Vacation Planning. Pick a destination and have VA to book your tickets, find hotel, arrange pick up / drop off, car, excursions, etc. VA can develop plan of your trip to excruciating level of details.

2. Event Planning – Evite.com is a great tool for event planning but adding a human touch can greatly improve the experience. Especially if you meeting with a large group of not very close friends. VA can cover multiple aspects of event – meal planning, finding a catering company, arranging entertainment, etc. VA can also support people coming to the event, e.g. finding great place to stay for your parents in law.

3. Online Shopping – With online shopping becoming mainstream of shopping adding a VA can save you tons of time and surprisingly a lot of money. Whether you shopping for skis, used car or groceries price research alone will pay for all your VA costs.

4. Contractor research, selection and managing – whether it’s a plumber, wedding band, landscaper VA can assist you with finding one, negotiating terms, setting appointments and following up with providers.

5. Preventive maintenance of your assets. Do you remember that garage doors need to be greased twice a year? VA can create and maintain maintenance plan for all your assets and make sure that you do not forget that oil change for your car, schedule appointment and follow up if necessary.

6. Health and Fitness – Let VA being your “loving Jewish mother” in every good aspect of it (and there are plenty of those). Diet planning, schedule your annual checkup, finding you a chiropractor or personal trainer, and reminding to wear your sweater.

7. Personal Social Networking – many aspects of our personal social lives can benefit from VA involvement. Never forget to send flowers to your grandmother, stay in touch with your friends, and even remember about your friend’s son graduation party.

8. You love life :) – Let VA help you with maintaining your online profile(s), respond to those interested, set up date, buy gifts, etc. You might become a Virtual Casanova in no time!

9. Bill management – VA can audit your bills and pay them exactly on time, save time and late fees.

10. Cost management. While working with your bills VA can take it further and undertake cost management finding savings for you in multiple aspects of your spending. For example they can do analysis of your cell phone bill and find a better plan.

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