Pragmatic Outsourcer, v. 1.0

The first volume of Pragmatic Outsourcer – the book primarily based on the materials of this blog is almost ready. There still a few things to clean up, pictures to pick, codes to request but I can see the light in the end of tunnel. The volume is going to be published as e-book and available as free download from this site.

The first volume is dedicated to the first step in outsourcing – making the decision – and that’s probably the most important step. The word “decision” comes from Latin “” meaning to cut. To make the decision means to cut other options. Many people do not look at decisions in such dramatic manner, in a way “let’s get married and if it doesn’t work out we’ll divorce”. Well, that’s a valid perspective, at least for some people. Of course any decision, even easily reversible has its consequences in many cases making reversibility quite expensive. Offshore decision is one of those thus one should chose wisely…

Choose well, your choice is brief, and yet endless. [Goethe]

I believe book format works better for delivery and consumption of material that is covered in this blog, yet it has its issues as well. In some way e-book is a static snapshot of one’s thought process while blog is a near real time stream. So both forms are important and would bring a better set of tools to the reader. That’s why I decided to take the effort to create the book.

Creating the book turned out to be harder than I thought even though a large portion of content was readily available. When you deliver material one random chapter you do not need to worry about blind spots (important material not covered), structure, consistency, etc. All that becomes a serious concern and takes substantial time to address.

With my ESL handicap I also have to deal with challenges of style, grammar, etc. that for some reason I decided to take much more serious than in this blog. I guess having ISBN number assigned to the written word raises the bar, at least in my mind. In that arena I had to seek professional help which naturally came from offshore. Eat your own dog food so to say.

Anyway, I am pretty excited and hope to put the first volume in front of you shortly and then immediately proceed to the second one – vendor selection. Hopefully in not so distant future the full scope of offshore outsourcing from decision to termination will be covered in the series of e-books I have in mind. And then… if the traffic to e-book justifies it I would love to put all my Tips, Tricks and Traps of IT Outsourcing in a hard or even better paper cover… for dummies or unleashed series… ha.. judging by what it takes to create e-book publishing in-print must be a very tough journey, so the traffic must be really good to justify it.

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