At Doorsteps of a New Engagement

I finally started working in my new role, VPE / CTO of PDR Network. It took almost a full year of non-stop activities on two complex M&A projects to get to this point. Medem and its assets moved on to two different organizations and I followed one of those assets. “Asset” in this case meaning product, resources, customers, etc. – basically a business unit. Fortunately, I was able to keep some of my top contributors even though far not everyone.

This economy put a huge strain on teams. I had to let go some people who I immensely respect and enjoy working with. Hopefully the new place will provide an opportunity for some of the guys I lost along the way to rejoin. Well, it remains to be seen; at this point I am facing couple disentanglement and technology merge projects that include working with new offshore partners.


PDR Network was formed by merging two assets acquired by a prominent equity firm: Physicians’ Desk Reference, acquired from Thomson Reuters, and the Health Care Notification Network, acquired from Medem. Medem had its offshore partners and Thomson Reuters many of their own. Naturally Medem partnered with small companies and TR with fairly large ones, even though to my surprise not tier 1.

At this point I do not know practically anything about my new outsourcing partners and the challenges they will bring. It feels like you are standing in front of doors to someone’s house and ringing the door bell. From behind the doors you hear a dog barking. What kind of dog is it? Playful Yorkshire terrier, English Bulldog dripping saliva, huge Newfoundland eager to lick you off your feet, vicious Presa Canario ready to rip you apart? It would be great to know before the door opens.

So let me guess what the new vendor will bring to my plate… At this point your guess is as good as mine, the only thing I know of the vendor that they made it to top 20 Indian IT list. Well, I know a little bit about the history and track record, but not much and only at high level / in general terms… So let me put my expectations in writing and see how the actuals pan out:

  • Turnover not less than 30%
  • Majority of the resources would not pass through interview by on-shore team
  • Poor track record of deliverables (late, over budget, low quality)
  • Low quality of code (no comments, inefficient code, etc.)
  • Low quality of the processes (incompliance with SDLC in many aspects)
  • Very inefficient / over-engineered architecture / designs
  • Waterfall SDLC with cushy estimates, slow start and high pressure in the end of each engagement

OK, that’s enough for now. I will keep you posted with what I find out discover over next few months.

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