Spam Attack

A few weeks ago we went through upgrade of anti-spam software we use in-house. The Bayesian filter database got corrupted during the upgrade or possibly before it and for some reasons we could not restore it from backups. After much ado we decided to start anew. Software upgrade was quite impressive and new filters reduced the volume of spam dramatically, the majority of the users did not even noticed the little problem we had. It was not the case for me, all knowledge previous version of the software gained about my spam designation was lost and many of my service providers came back.

Today I receive a couple dozens of emails a day which come from valuable IT service providers that somehow got hold of my email address. Apparently they use smart email campaign software that bypasses very solid guards that on daily basis filter out a few hundreds of Canadian pharmacy offerings, lottery winning notifications and love letters from Russian girls. Continue reading

Red Flags to Watch Out For

How do you know that a relationship with your vendor is going south? Of course if all your partner’s employees just do not show up for work you know that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. That would be somewhat unusual event and probably irreversible. The goal here is to identify early symptoms of a fatal disease of deteriorating partnership. In techno world we call them red flags.

The earlier you identify developing issues with the relationship the higher the chances that you can nip it in a bud and return to a mutually beneficial rewarding relationship. Small companies typically offer a high level of transparency and short communication channels. That makes identifying issues much easier task. In large companies the issues can develop without knowledge of many stakeholders, that’s why watching the relationship dynamics is especially important for those. Continue reading