Launching Common Sense Management

I spent a bit of time cleaning up the Site Map and while doing that I noticed that some of the posts have only loose relevance to outsourcing. I put them in a new category – Common Sense Management (CSM). CSM is not a widely used or a popular term. I started using it awhile ago to describe management and leadership style I apply in my day job – running technology teams building software products and services.

CSM is built on top of traditional techniques as well as new methodologies that at some point were considered controversial and now are widely accepted. “Common Sense” in CSM term doesn’t mean “agreed by many” or “widespread knowledge”. CSM stands for application of simple straight-forward solutions to problems that managers face on a daily basis. The best illustration to the term of Common Sense I have ever heard of was a story about “space pen”. Supposedly many years ago NASA spent millions of dollars developing a pen that would write well in the space. Weightless ink presented a serious technical challenge which was successfully addressed by “space pen”… Russian cosmonauts used a Common Sense solution to the problem – pencils…

CSM is a huge topic – it covers multiple aspects of leading and managing people, teams, projects, engagements, and so on. So I decided to start a new blog Common Sense Management – Tips, Tricks and Traps of Technology Leadership. CSM applies to leading all kind of teams and engagements, not only technology, yet with my experience and knowledge limited to that domain I’ll do better staying focused on the technology field.

My first post in the new blog was to some degree a repetition – I wrote about 10 Golden Rules of Bargaining, the post is a bit different from Offshore Negotiations and Rules of Haggling – it is a using Presentation 2.0 style and if you are interested in the topic is probably worth checking out.

I am not sure how frequently I will update my new blog and how it will affect my postings in this blog. Since I only write while commuting the total volume is limited by my abilities and length of BART ride. Well, as they say in France – Vivra verra…

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