Offshore Millionaire

I am very much surprised with Slumdog Millionaire taking Oscar’s Gold. As far as I am concerned it’s very much a mediocre tearjerker with a few very good scenes, plenty of mediocre ones and few ones on a border line of plagiarism. If you are at all interested in what slums are rent the City of God… well I am not the Academy member and that was not the point I wanted to make. What I wanted to say is that the movie in many ways insinuates that slums are India’s past, and those who survived can work in call centers, speak perfect English and offer crest smile of Hollywood proportion. You would be hard pressed to find something further from the truth. On one of my recent trips to India I got a dubious pleasure of observing slums through the cab window for about two hours while getting to downtown from the airport. I was out there right after the monsoon season so it was not just stinking piles of garbage they were steaming stinking piles and per my driver and guide those were far from the worst parts. Doing business in 3rd world countries is not for the faint of heart. For some Americans the sheer sight of slums and widespread destitution could be too much to handle, so be careful who you send for onsite visits…

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