Kicking off a Body Language Discussion

I have been planning on putting together a few posts on body language for quite some time now. This topic is exceptionally important in any business / environment. The knowledge and understanding of body language is essential to any kind of communications, and when it comes to negotiations, conflict resolution, dealing with difficult people it is absolutely critical. There are many books and studies written on this topic, there are some simple common sense techniques, there are more advanced and powerful ones. In general reading and using body language is not a trivial task and the complexity of it goes up tenfold when you find yourself working with people from different cultures. But did anyone say that offshore was easy?

Anyway, I am not yet ready to cover this topic – still doing some research and compiling my notes and materials I gathered over years. The reason I decided to mention it today is not to put a stake in the ground, it somewhat a comical one. A few minutes ago I saw a picture of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on yahoo news. The body language in the picture stroke me as a classical stance of well trained used car salesman – “Would I ever lie to you!?” So I could not resist the temptation to put it here and ask you for ideas of a caption for the picture.

APTOPIX Illinois Governor Impeachment

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