Mumbai terrorist attacks

Never during my visits to Mumbai I had a chance to stay in Taj Mahal; it was always booked solid. I am sure I won’t be staying in that symbol of luxury any time soon. As a matter of fact, I am not sure it will be as high in demand as it was for some time now. Terror atrocities are not new to India, as but till now they were mainly off the radar for many of US execs. Last couple days will change the landscape for a long time. As a matter of fact for many IT execs of my generation the word “Kashmir” has stronger association with Led Zeppelin than with ongoing unrest and terror. Of course there will be changes in hotel security and city security altogether, there will be strong government actions, and so on. Of course people will eventually forget victims and the horror inflicted on the city by well organized militias, yet traveling to Mumbai won’t be the same for a long time. The difference with emotional impact of slams and extreme destitution you see on the way from airport to a beautiful downtown and physical clear and present danger is huge. Today National Outsourcing Association (NoA) tells us not to travel to India unless we have to or at least think twice even though Nasscom said the country’s software and services companies remain fully operational. Tomorrow safety of your resources stationed in India or your business travel might become an ongoing concern. I have seen companies bow out of outsourcing engagements on less violent news.

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