IT Outsourcing ’09 Predictions

Hip hip hooray, the crystal ball is unveiled, and early predictions for offhshoring are out – IT Offshore Outsourcing: Early Predictions for 2009. Looks like there will be more business coming to the offshore vendors despite all the economic turmoil. I bet the jury is still out, as a matter of fact, the survey of 230 CIOs must have taken some time to process and summarize. The figures we are seeing today (DOW at 7500) are based on the data which probably goes back at least a few months (when DOW was let’s say at 12000).

My predictions are on a negative side, nowadays more than before, I expect notable deflation of offshoring business that will hit hard small suppliers in particular. I am sure we’ll see a wave of unpaid invoices, team buy-backs, and price wars.

Finding local employees may become easier as well, and that’s has been one of strong offshore drivers. Especially considering that things are getting quite gloom  and doom even in the IT employment heaven: California’s unemployment rate jumped to 8.2 percent in October, the highest rate in 14 years, just as a state fund that pays unemployment benefits was about to run out of money…

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