IT outsourcing is exaggerated

Just red IT offshoring is exaggerated and the IT labor shortage is real by Jason Hiner, a very interesting perspective that should both appease local IT professionals and offshore providers: “…new evidence shows that the IT offshoring trend is greatly exaggerated. The Society of Information Management’s 2008 IT Trends Survey shows that IT leaders are planning to increase offshore outsourcing in 2009, after two straight years of declines. Nevertheless, even with the increase, offshore outsourcing only represents five percent of projected 2009 budgets, and CIOs say they are still having trouble finding enough domestic IT workers with the right mix of skills to fill the open positions that they are keeping at home.” The article of course spawned a bunch of negative comments as any realistic, positive or pragmatic view on offshore would. I find it very insightful and very much in line with my observations of the market.

This discussion is bound to continue for a while, here is another interesting article / reaction to Hiner’s article: Offshore Threat to IT Jobs: Overblown or on the Money?

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