IT Budgets Will Go Up Or Stay Flat For ’09

An interesting article in InformationWeek. The title is pretty bold and encouraging: IT Budgets Will Go Up Or Stay Flat For Most Companies In 2009. Looking outside from my window following the market indices I find it difficult to believe, but I certainly hope so.  It would be nice to put the gloom and doom behind.

An interesting question here; will that translates to the same in budgets for offshore outsourcing?  Most likely yes.  The outsourcing market is fairly established and correlate well with spending in IT arena.   The supply / demand balance of IT talent has not changed drastically and solid IT resources will remain one of the scarcest commodities.

On the other hand at the same time we hear that Wipro delays plan to open software center in Atlanta what is attributed to economic downturn.

So I guess we are still left to wonder what role will the recession play in offshore outsourcing? By the way, a great article on Offshore Outsourcing: What Role Will the Recession Play?

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