Top 10 Technology Tasks to Outsource

If you listen to an offshore vendor you will quickly learn the top 10 or 1000 tasks you should outsource. The chances are anything and everything that you do will be on that list. And that would be the list of things the vendor wants you to outsource. Take a look for example at Top 100 Projects You Can Outsource. The real question is about what is good for you, and of course it depends on your specific needs and challenges.   My first outsourcing item does not currently land itself well in offshore model so I did not include it in top 10 –  Data Center / Hosting. That covers hardware / networking equipment / etc. for range of systems – production, staging, development, etc. environments. The “degree” of outsourcing may vary greatly and depends on the maturity of your staff, you demand dynamics, etc. You may only take the space, bandwidth and power; expand it to fully managed infrastructure or even consider grids such as Amazon elastic cloud.

Taking a viewpoint of a midsized software developments company here are 10 items I found to be on the top of list of tasks to outsource in technology.

1. Security / Availability Monitoring. In my experience I found that achieving aggressive service level benchmarks while maintaining high level security and privacy is practically impossible for a small or midsized company without use of Managed Security Monitoring. The scope of outsourcing may vary greatly depending on your needs. In my current place I outsource security monitoring and use third parties for security testing including ethical hacking.

2.    Database Administration. I found outsourcing of DBA tasks, in particular related to supporting uptime of critical systems, extremely cost effective. Currently I use third party to monitor my production databases on 24×7 basis and use consulting from the same vendor on tough DBA design tasks.

3.    Black Box Testing. I found that outsourcing some of QA tasks, in particular Black Box testing gives me great flexibility and has good price performance. In my view the key is to outsource appropriate portion of testing leaving sufficient portion in-house for acceptance, cross checking, knowledge retention and many other key elements of the development process.

4.    Usability Testing. In my view Usability Testing is a perfect task to outsource due to many reasons with most important being an independent / objective feedback which is difficult to achieve with captive resources, other reasons include lack of in-house expertise and high cost of tools and infrastructure.

5.    Graphical Arts, Writing and other Creative tasks. Assuming that Creative tasks are not the core of your business you may find outsourcing of it to offer dramatic price performance. With huge supply of freelance and offshore talent you can find high quality resources at a fraction of the price of high end firms and even in-house resources.

6.    Tech Support. If you have to support your products the front line of Tech Support is one of the areas that can greatly benefit from outsourcing. Of course you have to be very careful in outsourcing any customer facing activities, and tech support is one of those arrears that got particular strong negative rap.

7.    SEO. Search Engine Optimization could be quit laborious and requires in-depth knowledge of the techniques, latest trends, and subtle differences. Some offshore shops specializing on SEO offer performance based approach to compensation.

8.    Software Maintenance and Sustenance. I found outsourcing of those “less glorious” tasks relatively meaningful, especially when I had a large legacy product to support. One of the value add items in outsourcing of maintenance task is potential morale boost for the local team. A word of caution here – as outsourcing of these tasks only pays off in a long run.

9.    Reporting. Developing of a large variety of reports for internal and external clients often could become a considerable burden on technology team. Using offshore resources to produce and support custom reports in experience paid off quite well in many cases.

10.    Technology Migration. Migration tasks could be perfect candidates for outsourcing, for example moving your database from MS SQL to Oracle, an app server from WebSphere to JBOSS, or migrating code from VB to VB .NET. The word of caution – some migration tasks could be IQ-demanding heavy lifting and require a lot of in-house efforts before they could be moved offshore.

I said earlier that these 10 items are on the top of my list. Well, in many cases they formed the list in its entirety. You may consider outsourcing all these items before you move on onto more challenging and riskier outsourcing tasks.

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